Some Useful Resources

This page was written by Steven J. DeRose 2003-04-03, and was last updated on 2003-11-01.

This page gives access to a variety of resources that I hope will be useful.

Some basic engineering tables

Material strengths, densities, melting points, and fire resistance times; joist span tables; r-values for insulation; gauge equivalents for wire (with current capacity), needles, and other materials.

PostScript files for useful kinds of blank papers

(music score paper, various shapes of logarithmic graph paper, etc).

CSS style sheets for common DTDs:

Specifications for things I haven't found other specs for already

These are all completely free and available for any lawful purpose or use.

Document format conversion tools

How to get XML to display with CSS in Internet Explorer

Video resolutions

A table of the many different video monitor, HDTV, and similar resolutions