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This page was written by Steven J. DeRose, and was last updated on 2003-04-03.

This page organizes my interests and gives you access to the parts of the Website that deal with them. Many of the topics have nothing under them yet, but I've made those not be links, so anything that shows up as a link should work.

I am interested in many aspects of theology, Biblical exegesis, and spirituality. I am particularly fascinated by Christian mysticism, though I cannot claim to know much about it yet.
Biblical Ethics
I have an enduring interest in how ethical reasoning functions in the context of normative sacred texts. For example, how do we as Christians, decide just which Biblical injunctions are applicable today? Many simplistic answers are widely used, but I find none of them satisfactory. My interest is piqued by the apparent lack of much written on the topic: that which is systematic usually treats the text as non-normative; and vice versa.

Good software and hardware

Improvements I'd like to see
Mac OS X
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Humanities computing

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Natural Language Processing / Computational Linguistics

General interests

Martial Arts
Figure skating
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Clinical and biological psychology
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Pre-Raphaelite art
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