DeRose, Steven J. 1990.
Stochastic Methods for Resolution of Grammatical Category Ambiguity in Inflected and Uninflected Languages.
Ph.D. Dissertation. Providence, RI: Brown University Department of Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences.

This appendix originally began on page 132.

Appendix 2: Brown Corpus Tag-set132.1

Tag Description Examples
. sentence closer . ; ? !
( left paren
) right paren
* not, n't
-- dash
, comma
: colon
ABL pre-qualifier quite, rather
ABN pre-quantifier half, all
ABX pre-quantifier both
AP post-determiner many, several, next
AP$ possessive post-determiner other's
AT article a, the, no
BE be
BED were
BEDZ was
BEG being
BEM am
BEN been
BER are, art
BEZ is
CC coordinating conjunction and, or
CD cardinal numeral one, two, 2, etc.
CD$ possessive cardinal numeral two's
CS subordinating conjunction if, although
DO do
DOD did
DOZ does
DT singular determiner/quantifier this, that
DT$ possessive singular determiner/quantifier
DTI singular or plural determiner/quantifier some, any
DTS plural determiner these, those
DTX determiner/double conjunction either
EX existential there
FW foreign word (hypenated before regular tag)
HV have
HVD had (past tense)
HVG having
HVN had (past participle)
HVZ has
IN preposition
JJ adjective
JJ$ possessive adjective
JJR comparative adjective
JJS semantically superlative adjective chief,top
JJT morphologically superlative adjective biggest
MD modal auxiliary can, should, will
NC cited word (hyphenated after regular tag)
NN singular or mass noun
NN$ possessive singular noun
NNS plural noun
NNS$ possessive plural noun
NP proper noun or part of name phrase
NPS plural proper noun
NP$ possessive proper noun
NPS$ possessive plural proper noun
NR adverbial noun home, today, west
NRS plural adverbial noun
NR$ possessive adverbial noun
OD ordinal numeral first, 2nd
PN nominal pronoun everybody, nothing
PN$ possessive nominal pronoun
PP$ possessive personal pronoun my, our
PP$$ second (nominal) possessive prounon mine, ours
PPL singular reflexive/intensive personal pronoun myself
PPLS plural reflexive/intensive personal pronoun ourselves
PPO objective personal pronoun me, him, it, them
PPS 3rd. singular nominative pronoun he, she, it, one
PPSS other nominative personal pronoun I, we, they, you
QL qualifier very, fairly
QLP post-qualifer enough, indeed
RB adverb
RB$ possessive adverb
RBR comparative adverb
RBT superlative adverb
RN nominal adverb here, then, indoors
RP adverb/particle about, off, up
TO infinitive marker to
UH interjection, exclamation
VB verb, base form
VBD verb, past tense
VBG verb, present participle/gerund
VBN verb, past participle
VBZ verb, 3rd. singular present
WDT wh- determiner what, which
WP$ possessive wh- pronoun whose
WPO objective wh- pronoun whom, which, that
WPS nominative wh- pronoun who, which, that
WQL wh- qualifier how
WRB wh- adverb how, where, when