Steve DeRose's Unofficial Guide to the Targus Universal Power Supply: PowerTips™

WARNING: I've tried to be careful here, but this information may well contain errors. Whether it does or not, using a tip for a device it has not been tested with could potentially cause damage, or conceivably even injury. Many tips look alike, so even with the selection of tips that come with your power supply initially, you could use the wrong one and potentially cause damage or injury. If you use tips in a way not recommended by Targus, you do so at your own risk. I am not advising you to do this; I am only providing information to the best of my knowledge and ability, with no guarantee of correctness or of fitness for any particular application.

I determined this information in several ways, for example:

Each of these methods (like most things in life) has possibilities for error. It is wise to test any tip before using it (even the right tip could break), to make sure the specs are what you need; whether you do this or not, using tips is entirely at your own risk.

Tip# Voltage Current limit Connector Type Example Device(s)
91 24VDC ? 2.5mm stereo plug with guard barrel Apple Powerbook G4
10 24VDC ? Slightly weird cylinder connector, ID , OD Nokia 8260 and others

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