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This page was written by Steven J. DeRose on 2008-08-23, and was last updated on 2011-03-13.

These utilities are mostly in Perl, and should work on most any platform. All of my utilities support a "-h" option that explains them, and a "-version" option to report their current version/date. Where relevant, most can accept and produce Mac, *nix, or DOS style line-breaks.

Remember to save any of these to a directory that's listed in your *nix path (say, ~/bin/?), and remember that you'll need to make it executable with: chmod +x [filename]

The categories of utilities include (click any one to see a directory listing):

Below are descriptions of some of the more interesting utilities.

XML Utilities

Text and Unicode / Character-set Utilities

Shell Utilities

The "shell" is what you're talking to when you run the Mac OS X "Terminal" program. It allows you to do an incredible range of things, most of which you already know if you use Linux, Unix (particularly BSD), etc.)

OSIS (Open Scripture Information Standard) Utilities

iPhone Utilities

AppleScript Utilities

JavaScript DOM Utilities

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