Employment History of Steven J. DeRose

XML Specialist, National Center for Biotechnology Information, NIH. Designed and implemented tools to support PubMedCentral, a public-access collection of over 1 million full-text biomedical journal articles. Developed XSLT convertors, regression testing system, and system utilities in various languages. Assisted in maintenance and improvement of DTDs. Led major rewrite of the "Bookshelf" system to integrate it with the PubMedCentral article system. Contributed to design of new linking protocols.
Chairman, Bible Technologies Group. Oversaw the operations, and contributed to the technical work, of this joint project of the American Bible Society and the Society of Biblical Literature. BTG developed XML schemas and naming standards for encoding Bibles, commentaries, and other works, which are seeing growing adoption and use throughout the world.
Chief Scientist, Brown University Scholarly Technology Group. Contributed to strategic vision and direction, review of proposed and in-progress projects, grant development, faculty and other consulting, and other duties. Worked on standards projects and industry consulting, such as the Open EBook initiative. Through an NEH grant, updated and converted the entire TEI Guidelines from SGML to XML.
Chief Scientist, Inso Corporation, Electronic Publishing Systems. Primary representative to W3C XML Linking Working Group. Continued R&D of large-scale electronic publishing system products. Organized architecture group, did high-level recruiting, evaluation of potential acquisitions. Technical representative to board. Represented corporation to multiple standards bodies. Participated in customer, financial community, analyst, and press relations including road shows. Numerous presentations on XML, SGML, related standards, and Inso products and directions.
Senior System Architect, Electronic Book Technologies, Inc., Providence, RI. Founding partner and chief architect for EBT's products for display, search, and navigation of large-scale electronic books. EBT's DynaText™ became the leading electronic book delivery system, chosen as the primary electronic delivery solution for Silicon Graphics, Novell, Sun, Boeing, Ryder, and many others in computers, aerospace, telecommunications, automotive, power, government, and publishing. Led system architecture, product and strategic planning, standardization, and advanced technology research for all of the company's products, throughout the company's consistently profitable growth from 2 people to 150. As member of Board, helped negotiate the sale of EBT to Inso Corporation in mid-1996.
Computational Linguist, Summer Institute of Linguistics, Dallas, TX. Contributed to research and development of a Computational Environment for Literary, Linguistic, and Anthropological Research (CELLAR), a hypertext and knowledge representation system for linguistic field research.
Design Consultant, CDWord Project, Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas, TX. Contributed to design of an extensive hypertext system for research in Greek, Hebrew, and English primary and secondary sources. Consulted on SGML data conversion and DTD design; wrote beta-testing guide and user tutorial. In addition to primary biblical texts in Greek and several English translations with grammatical and cross-reference apparatus, CDWord included the Bauer, Liddell and Scott, and Kittel lexica, plus commentaries and bible dictionaries. This system has continued to be developed, for example
Design Consultant, Center for Language Studies, Providence, RI. Prepared design documents for a hypertext system for computer-assisted critique of student compositions in foreign language classes.
Software Engineering Consultant, Brown University Computing and Information Services, Providence, RI. Coordinated and participated in design and implementation of the Document Interchange Project, a system to transform documents between structurally and/or syntactically different document description formats.
Textual Database Consultant, John Carter Brown Library, Providence, RI. Co-developed a large-scale database for the European Americana Bibliography Project (NEH grant #RC20840-84). Developed markup systems, data entry and typesetting interfaces, data abstraction, display management, and error-handling packages for a database editor for a library-oriented multi-volume bibliography.
Developed data compression algorithms and user interfaces for use of the million-word Brown Standard Corpus of English on personal computers. Carried out numerous lexico-statistical, stylistic, and other studies on this and other natural language corpora.
Computational Linguistics Consultant, Language Systems Inc., Providence, RI. Co-designed and implemented a rule-based spelling correction system, later integrated by MS into Word™. Designed and implemented data abstraction, user interface, and linguistic analysis packages for a grammar correction system. Did initial design for pattern-matching language. Consulted on electronic thesaurus, dictionary, and other projects leading to commercial tools.
Database Designer, Brown Emergency Medical Services, Providence, RI. Designed and implemented a FOCUS medical records database.
Hypertext System Director, Brown University Dept. of Computer Science. Under Prof. Andries van Dam, directed maintenance and user services for the FRESS hypertext and graphics processing system.

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