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This guide contains a variety of useful information for Cub Scouts and their parents. It is not anything like a complete guide; only some items that I have found useful and want to share with others.

Just to be clear, I have no authority to speak for scouting in general, or any scouting organization, troop, pack, or den in particular. I'm only an involved parent in pack 246.

This page was written by Steven J. DeRose on 2004-09-27, and was last updated on 2005-10-12.

Awards and Requirements

You can find a variety of useful scouting forms .

Attaching patches to uniforms

You can avoid a lot of sewing by using Patch Attach™, a glue that actually works. You can find it here and in many craft stores. Sadly they don't print the directions on the bottle, but they do have them online here. Or, summed up, they are:

  1. If the patch has a plastic backing, cut slits in it along the edge of the patch to expose the cloth underneath
  2. Apply the glue along the edge
  3. Let dry 10 minutes (don't let it go too long)
  4. Press the patch onto the uniform or other fabric
  5. Iron it for about 60 seconds on the front and 30 on the back, or until the glue dries from white to clear.

Note: I've tried several other patch and cloth glues, and I don't think they work as well.

Useful Scouting Links

The main link you want is, which is the home page for the U.S. Scouting Service Project. From there you should be able to find what you need. Has a wide selection of scouting items for sale. they have standard items, as well as a long list of patches and emblems a troop could award for special local activities.

This site has pictures and descriptions of many awards.

cybercubber has a wealth of pictures and reference information, and even a 'cub advancement tracker tool'. Their clipart directory is here.

The virtual cub scout rank requirements guide has a nice a nice presentation of all the Cub Scout rank requirements.

You can find pictures and historical information about many past badges here.

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