Personal Stuff

This page was written by Steven J. DeRose, and was last updated on 2007-10-19.

I live in Silver Spring Maryland, just outside Washington DC.

I now work at the National Library of Medicine, on PubMedCentral. I previously worked as Chief Scientist for the Scholarly Technology Group at Brown University and for Inso Corporation (after it acquired my startup, Electronic Book Technologies). I've lived in and around Providence, Rhode Island for about half my life, though I grew up in Racine, Wisconsin.

I have two great kids (these pictures are a bit old):


Picture of Todd


Picture of Brian

We also have a pet rabbit named "Bungee".

We've enjoyed making some a variety of projects, including a trebuchet that can throw softball-sized rocks a couple hundred feet, chainmail armor, spudguns, and various models.

Todd recently set the ping-pong volleying records at Richard Montgomery High School, pushing it up from about 300, to over 1100. We all play World of Warcraft, despite its really weak physics.

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